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Carpet Cleaning

NYC Carpet Cleaning ServicesYou probably already know that your home’s carpet is one of the main focal points of your home. If you have a stained and smelly carpet, others can see and smell it as well. Pretty gross, huh?

The team at NYC Carpet Cleaning Servicesis ready to provide your carpets with a deep clean that will leave them completely odorless and spotless. Our team uses the most advanced products and equipment on the market to deliver exceptional results. You will never again have to fear someone stopping by and noticing that pet stain from a couple weeks ago.

To schedule service with our company or to receive a free quote for service, call us today at 212-378-9722.

Get Clean Carpets and Better Health

Did you know that your carpets affect your health? If not, that is okay because many people never even think about it. If you suffer from any type of allergy to dust or pollen or you are an asthma sufferer, then you know how easily flareups can happen.

Your carpet harbors all of those contaminants that you are allergic to and when the dirt, dust, and mold is trapped in your carpet, you breathe it in daily. If you have experienced itchy or watery eyes in your home or you have noticed it feels musty inside, you likely need to have your carpets cleaned.

Carpets can hide dirty secrets for years and you may never put two and two together. It happens, but today is the day to put an end to it. Our team of technicians are able to eliminate all organisms and bacteria from your carpet and deliver a clean that you are proud of.

Our carpet cleaning services in NYC will allow you to experience better air quality in your home as well.

The Carpet Cleaning Process NYC

At NYC Carpet Cleaning Services, we do not just simply come into your home and remove a single stain. We work to clean your entire carpets from wall to wall. We take a unique approach to carpet cleaning in NYC and our process delivers the best and deepest clean possible.

  1. We will inspect your carpets.When you call us to schedule service, we will come out to your home and inspect your carpets to identify any stains or problem areas we need to focus on. We will make note of these areas and pay closer attention to them when we clean the carpets.
  2. We will vacuum your carpets. The second step in the process is to vacuum your carpets. This will remove any of the loose soil or debris that may still be on the carpet. Vacuuming helps to ensure that the soil does not seep into the fibers of the carpet during the cleaning process.
  3. Pre-treatment of your carpets.The third phase in the process is the pre-treatment of your carpets. This is an important step in that we are able to target the most soiled areas of your carpets. We use a special cleaning solution that will get into the carpet fibers and break down the odors and stains.
  4. Deep cleaning of your carpets. We will use our high-intensity machines to deep clean your carpets and scrub them. This process allows us to really work in that cleaning solution and clean the fibers. This method will ensure that your carpets are spotless once the process is done.
  5. Steam cleaning of your carpets. Once your carpets are done being scrubbed, we will utilize our steam cleaner to extract all of the solution and water from your carpets. This is an important step in the process as it works to leave your carpets moisture free.
  6. Final inspection of the carpets in the home. After the cleaning, our techs will walk around and inspect your carpets one more time. They will pay careful attention to the previously noted areas to make sure the stains are gone.

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If you are tired of living in a home with smelly or dirty carpets, now is the time to call NYC Carpet Cleaning Servicesat 212-378-9722. We will come out to your home and thoroughly clean your carpets to leave them fresh and spotless. Call today to schedule an appointment with us.

NYC Carpet Cleaning Services NYC Carpet Cleaning Services

NYC Carpet Cleaning Services

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The team at NYC Carpet Cleaning Servicesis ready to provide your carpets with a deep clean that will leave them completely odorless and spotless.

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Our team is committed to delivering the best, affordable, and reliable carpet repair and restoration services in NYC. We love carpets and have experience in all types.

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We have many years of experience in carpet restoration services and we will provide you with the results you expect. In most cases, we can repair or restore your carpet, but in those rare instances that your carpet cannot be saved, we will let you know immediately.

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